Commercial Storage Container Features (and Why They Matter)

Commercial Storage Container Features (and Why They Matter)Details matter. It’s what separates a fast-food burger from a burger you’ll get at a gourmet restaurant. When it comes to your business, you care about the details. Whether it’s the security of your building or the storage options your business is utilizing, features (no matter how big or how small) matter. 

Today, we’ll be talking about the features of our commercial storage containers. How important is the construction of a commercial storage container? Why should you care about tie-down rings or translucent roofs? Let’s take a look at some features you’ll find on our SAM (Store & Move) containers and how they help with your commercial storage needs.

Rugged Construction

When it comes to your business’ inventory, equipment, tools and supplies, protection from the elements is of utmost importance. You’ll be happy to know that SAM containers are smartly constructed with fiberglass-reinforced walls (which reduces dings and scratches) and galvanized steel framing from superior durability both while in storage and in the event that the container needs to be transported to a new location. Other containers are often made of wood, which puts your items at risk.

Extra Stability

Our commercial storage containers have more than a dozen mounted tie-down rings that are placed in strategic locations throughout the container to help secure your items. Tie down bulky or fragile items and they won’t topple over like they would if they were unsecured. You can’t beat the peace of mind they provide.

Translucent Roof

It’s easier to see what you’re packing and unpacking in a SAM commercial storage container thanks to the translucent roof, which easily allows light in. For businesses that need to access their container frequently, this is preferable over a dark container that doesn’t let you see anything without an alternate lighting source.

Twice the Protection

Your items are protected from the elements due to the rugged construction of the containers, but what about protection from thieves? You’ll enjoy twice as much security with a SAM container thanks to a unique lock design that allows you to place two locks to secure your items.

Sleek Appearance

Brightly colored containers stand out and aren’t a good look for your business, which is why our containers have a sleek appearance that blends in with the environment and isn’t overly attention-grabbing. The clean lines and subtle graphics of our containers will help you and your customers focus on what matters most: your business.

If you’re interested in a commercial storage container for your business, give us a call at 972-GET-A-SAM for a free quote today.