How the SAM (Store & Move) Process Works

How the SAM (Store & Move) Process WorksThere’s a reason why coffee and sandwich shops are so popular. We’re all capable of making a sandwich or cup of coffee at home, so why do we frequent these locations? Because they’re easy and convenient. 

Household and commercial storage is the same way.

Sure, you could rent a truck, hire help and transport belongings to a traditional storage unit. But why do that when there’s an easier way? With portable storage containers like SAM, the process is as easy as 1-2-3-4. 

Let’s take a look at each step involved in the SAM (Store & Move) process and why it’s so convenient to rent a storage container.

Step #1: Order It

The first step is as simple as picking up a phone. You call us or get your quote online and we’ll schedule the delivery of your rental storage container to your location. No need to rent a truck or anything; simply let us know how many containers you need, where you want them and we’ll handle getting them from our facility to your location. It’s a contactless, easy procedure that you can schedule for a date that works for you.

Step #2: Load It

Once the container is delivered, you’re free to load it up on your own timetable. There’s no rush to get it done in one day like you’d have to do with a traditional storage unit or other companies. We can even recommend companies that can help with packing or loading, if you so desire. We’re all about ensuring the best customer experience possible.

Step #3: Store It, Keep It or Move It

In the third step, you have options. One of the beauties of the SAM (Store & Move) process is that it’s flexible. Here are your choices:

  • You can decide to store your portable storage container in our secure, climate-controlled facility.
  • You can keep your portable storage container on-site at your location, assuming it’s in a good place for the time period you’re wanting to store it.
  • You can move it to a new location of your choice, as long as it’s in the North Texas area.

Step #4: Unload It

Once you’re done using the portable storage container, you can unload it on your timetable as well. There’s no rush and we can recommend companies that will help with unloading or unpacking. Once you unload it, that’s it! Give us a call and we’ll pick the container back up.

If you’re interested in a storage container for your residence or business, give our team a call today at 972-GET-A-SAM for a quote today.