Mesquite Moving & Storage Containers

Mesquite Storage and Moving Containers

SAM Store and Move provides convenient storage and moving solutions in Mesquite, Texas. Our portable storage containers are perfect for local and interstate moves, temporary storage, decluttering, or home remodeling projects. It’s as simple as giving us a call—we handle the transportation of your container straight to your location.

Once your storage container is delivered to your door, you are free to load it at your own pace. If you’re moving, take the time you need to pack it—our pricing is affordable enough that it’s no hassle whatsoever. If you are using the container to remodel your home or for other projects, use it as temporary storage to keep items out of the way while work is going on. Once you’re done, simply contact us, and we’ll haul it away for you. It’s flexible, efficient, and cost-effective, giving you the freedom to use SAM containers as you need to.

Mesquite Storage and Moving Company

Each of our containers is 16’ by 18’, providing plenty of storage room, whether you need to move to a new house or simply place items into storage. Our containers include many features and benefits, including:

  • Plenty of space—the contents of a typical 1,500 square foot home will fit easily
  • Weather resistant materials to keep items safe from the elements outside
  • Sturdy galvanized steel frame construction
  • Secure tie down rings to prevent jostling and damage
  • Fiberglass reinforcement to prevent scratches and other superficial damage to contents
  • Rugged latch and space for two locks, providing extra security
  • Level with the ground, eliminating the need for ramps and improving safety
  • 8’ high, meaning no stooping and lots of room to stack items

For more information on our Mesquite moving and storage services or to request your portable moving container, contact SAM Store and Move through either our online form or by phone at 469-615-3987.