Storage Container Delivery Checklist

Storage Container Delivery ChecklistWhen it comes to moving, you’re one prepared person. You have your list and you’ve checked it twice. The movers are lined up, the packing supplies are ready, the utilities are set up and the mail has already been forwarded. You’re squared away. 

If you’re using a storage container during your move, however, that might change things. Are you confident that you have all your boxes checked?

Whether it’s your first time renting a portable storage container or you simply need a reminder, here are some things to take care of before your container is delivered.

#1: Get Permission

First off, make sure you have permission to get a storage container delivered. You may need a permit. If you live at an apartment complex, a residential area with an HOA, or at a location that intersects a public sidewalk, you likely need a parking permit. If you’re planning on storing the container on the street, you may need a permit as well. Check with your local parking official or HOA to make sure your container is approved, as well as how long it’s approved for.

#2: Choose Where to Place It

Once you get permission for the general area where you want to have your container delivered, choose a specific location. Details about where the container is delivered are important. For example, if you’re planning on having it delivered to an apartment complex parking lot, you need to ensure there is space on either side of where the container will sit. Also make sure there are no obstructions like roof overhangs, tree branches, mailboxes or parked cars. SAM container dimensions are sixteen feet long by eight feet wide and eight feet tall, so use those measurements as a guide in choosing where to place it.

#3: Ensure Surface Levels Are Appropriate

Storage containers do best on paved, level surfaces. This promotes a safe loading environment and helps prevent items from shifting. If you’re unsure about whether a particular surface will work for a storage container, give us a call at 972-GET-A-SAM.

#4: Schedule Delivery

Once you’ve chosen the ideal place for your container and have received proper permissions, make sure you schedule delivery for a certain date.. Some seasons are more popular than others. You don’t want moving day to arrive and realize you forgot to schedule delivery of your container.

#5: Secure It

Once the container is delivered and you’ve loaded it, one last thing to remember is to secure it! Use two locks to secure your items inside the container and ensure that they remain safe the entire time the container is at your location.

To get a no-obligation quote and consultation for a residential storage container, give us a call at 972-GET-A-SAM today.