Where to Place a Storage Container

Where to Place a Storage ContainerIf there’s one thing you can’t do with portable storage containers, it’s put them anywhere you want. After all, portable storage containers need a flat, level surface to ensure safety and functionality. But aren’t there other factors to consider when deciding where to place them? 

You need to think about obstructions, space, permits and more. Let’s discuss how to choose the best place for a portable storage container.

Placing a Storage Container: Space

Containers aren’t small. SAM (Store & Move) containers, for example, are designed to fit the contents of a 1,500-square-foot home. They measure sixteen feet long, eight feet wide and eight feet tall. As such, they need a proper amount of space—both for the container itself and for the truck and equipment delivering the container. When deciding where to place a storage container, make sure the space you have in mind has plenty of clearance in front of, behind and to the side of where the container will be placed.

Placing a Storage Container: Obstructions

The space needs to be clear of obstructions as well. Think of an invisible bubble around your container and try to make sure the “bubble” doesn’t have anything in it. This could include roof overhangs, tree limbs, cars, wires, lawn decor and more. There needs to be clear access on all sides of the container so that it can be delivered properly and so you can access it.

Placing a Storage Container: Permissions

You also need to make sure you have permission before you decide where to place a storage container. If you’re in a residential area with an HOA, for example, you’ll need to clear it with them before having the container delivered, especially if you plan on keeping it at your location for an extended period of time. If you’re in an apartment, you need permission from management before placing the container in the parking lot. Downtown apartments and other residences with only street availability for containers need to have proper permits as well.

Placing a Storage Container: Other Considerations

Try to also think about anything else that could impede delivery of your storage container and prevent the container company from placing it. Do you live in a gated community, for example? The gates might need a code for access, or may be too narrow for the container and truck. The entire path to the placement spot needs to be clear of obstructions. Be sure to ask your storage company if you have any other questions about where to place a storage container.

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